We Partner with clients, builders, architects and artisans in the design and build process

We have processes in place to anticipate construction issues and successfully execute complex design features. Our team cultivates deep personal relationships with talented artisans who understand the DLD vision and bring unique talent and authentic materials to our projects.

These collaborations result in exclusive designs and fabrication that address the unique challenges of our clients, and provide a client-tailored aesthetic to each of the firm’s projects. DLD strives to push the design aesthetic forward in lieu of repetition or following trends. Our detailed, intimate and thorough design process results in the execution of a shared vision in a meaningful way for even the most discerning clients. 


our philosophy

We open each new relationship by getting to know our clients, their desires, the way they want to feel in their spaces, and the way they see themselves (and want to be seen). And we refuse to sacrifice the practical in favor of the aesthetic. Some of the best design emerges as the result of a previously insurmountable budget, design or construction “problem.” Our process includes clearly defined milestones, transparent budgets and communication that encourages accountability, all of which is designed to allow our team to 

“EVERYTHING should start with good design. I make some of the least expensive and most impactful decisions with a pencil and plans, long before we even talk finishes.”

become a valued and trusted part of your project (and often a dear friend). All DLD projects are closely overseen by Dana, in collaboration with her selected team members. Many of our Clients find that initial discussions about contract allowances, and review of the space and architectural plans BEFORE they begin building are the best investments they make in the design of their projects with DLD. We know that careful budget review and prioritizing creates the best opportunity for less stress in the finish and furnishing selection process.

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