While we mostly work with design to build homeowners, we also offer two levels of design consultations. We like to call these the "instant gratification" route. You can pick Dana's brain with no strings attached. Use this time to rework rooms, review floor plans, get paint color recommendations, etc. You can show your space over video, screen share to show photos and Pinterest boards, or just pick Dana's brain and take notes. Afterwards, we'll provide you with a recording of the conversation, and you'll have the freedom to execute the ideas discussed on your time!

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Frequently asked questions

There are so many ways that you can use your time with Dana. Here's a few ideas of things Dana can advise on:
  • Reworking floor plans
  • Second opinions on past design decisions
  • Furniture styling/placement
  • Lighting + Plumbing fixtures
  • Paint color consults
  • Exterior refresh
  • Cabinetry + Millwork 
  • Window Treatment
  • Builder selection
  • Creation & review of budgets
  • Designing for a multi-family development
  • Working with builders


We recommend that you do some homework in advance of our call so that we can use your time as best as possible. Gather a document of photos, create Pinterest boards, floor plans or drawings, etc. as you see fit. The more prepared you are, the more we can accomplish together!

How should i prepare for my consultation?

Our consultations take place over Zoom video calls. You'll receive a link upon purchase of your consultation. We will meet you there at your scheduled time and you can ask questions, screen-share, etc. Our consultations are very collaborative and tailored to your needs.

How does the consultation work?

YES! Consultations are very different than custom projects.  For a consultation, we do no pre or post work. It involves no project management and we are not intimately involved with your project in the way that we get involved with customs.  You get Dana for only your allotted hours. At busier times, it may take several weeks to book a consultation, because custom projects take priority.  DLD accepts a limited number of custom projects per year due to the level of detail required. Custom clients can expect us to think ahead for them, connect and work as the hub for the execution of their project. These clients pay us a retainer and are billed monthly.

are consultations different than custom projects?

All consultations are non-refundable. We understand that emergencies happen - we ask that you contact us a minimum of 24 hours in advance to reschedule. After one reschedule, we will not allow further changes. If the new date is missed, we will not allow future consultations to be booked with DLD.

What is the cancellation policy?

There are two ways we handle consultations: Public + Private. Both options provide you with the same level of service, but  a Public consultation allows us to use snippets of our conversations for marketing purposes and for our courses for Interior designers.

What is the investment for each consultation?

There may be some opportunity to access limited trade accounts during our time together. We make no guarantee that you will be able to access trade discounts as each vendor/brand has specific stipulations or rules.

If we design custom piece(s) together, we can help facilitate the placement of the order and will sell direct to you on a cost plus basis for these items. All sales are final, payment is required up front, and we are not responsible for scheduling delivery, installation, etc.

Yes! You can use this link to purchase gift certificates.

Do you sell gift certificates for consultations?


Our consultations are traditionally held on Zoom, but in some circumstances on-site visits may be more beneficial. If we decide together that this is necessary, any travel time will be reduced from your total consultation hours. Please note that only Private consultations can be held in-person.

Is travel included in the fee?

If you're interested in multiple consultations, please reach out to us directly to discuss our monthly consultation package options.

Can i book a series of consultations?